TBA Group and STC International Announces Collaboration

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Mar 1, 2022 12:00:00 PM


Continuing an outstanding effort to consistently serve the world of logistics, TBA Group and STC International (the Rotterdam-based maritime and logistics education institution) are thrilled to announce our collaboration. The TBA Group and STC International collaboration marks a milestone towards the future of port and terminal solutions and logistics knowledge.

This joint effort brings together the realm of education and practical training facilities of STC International, with TBA Group’s expertise as an international provider of software and services to optimise operations and automation in ports, terminals, and warehouses - ones that are professionally built for today’s increasingly demanding logistics operations. This opens opportunities for both TBA Group and STC International to explore areas of development and education for the future of the logistics and maritime industry.

Accredited training courses for the maritime industry

TBA Group intends to use STC International’s expertise to increase awareness of the importance of technological advancements in the academic domain by having STC International’s certification on the training courses provided by TBA Group (such as the container terminal course and training portal) for terminal staff and employees. For STC International, this collaboration is vital since it actively connects STC International to the practical world of logistics and maritime. It will provide an understanding of how complex terminals are through the integration of a hands-on approach in STC International’s learning environments that is relevant to real-life situations.

To accelerate these efforts, STC International will use materials provided by TBA Group for educational purposes, such as 3D-animations demonstrating operational practices of real-life terminals, to aid their commitment in knowledge delivery. This will enable participants of the training courses to undergo an immersive insight into the complexity of different types of operations in terminals and their advantages and disadvantages.

"The collaboration announced by TBA Group and STC International is the start of an exciting, shared journey of innovation that will contribute to the rapidly changing and challenging logistics industry. We are delighted to be working together to reach a common goal in enhancing knowledge delivery to future experts and leaders"

Chris van Aar - Senior Project Manager STC International

Long-term Impact of the Collaboration

TBA Group prides itself in its complex data-driven logistics consultancy and simulation that help terminal operators make data-driven decisions. The cooperation between TBA Group and STC International will increase market awareness of the value of simulation in the industry - both theoretically and practically - and will promote each party’s brand identity. 

TBA Group’s recognition within STC International’s training approach will strengthen their common interest. For instance, STC International integrates the virtual reality possibilities in their training environments. With these technologies STC International plays a significant role to future training approaches, which is supported by TBA Group’s attention to virtual reality technologies and the importance of immersive experiences and simulation in the industry. 

Bringing the strengths of TBA Group and STC International to innovate and transform the future of practical training facilities in the logistics and maritime industry is important to this collaboration. The cooperation will provide an exciting opportunity to leverage TBA Group’s top-class software solutions and consultancy, and STC International’s capacity in building foundations of knowledge and expertise in the industry and operational training solutions.