Customised digital and face-to-face programmes for best practice training and reduced running costs. We deliver tailored TOS training programmes at over 30 container terminal sites worldwide. Moreover, for proper onboarding of your staff, we also provide TOS-independent best practices. Let us train your users to get the most out of your terminal performance.

Increase your staff's
Knowledge & Skills

Understand best practice, integrate it into daily operations and unlock the functionality of your terminal operating system for user productivity gains.

Tailored & best practice

System-specific and vendor-independent TOS training courses with rich content delivered online, based on our industry experience.

Interactive Tools

Our advanced e-learning platform with bite-size modules and gamification facilitates the user's learning process.

Why choose TBA to train your staff?

Our industry experience delivers rich training content with face-to-face and secure, portal-based remote learning. This makes TBA your natural choice for innovative and cost-effective training and e-learning for your terminal operations.

Highlights of our training programmes:

  • TOS training that spans all operational areas, including vessel planning, yard planning, dispatching and execution.
  • Independent best practice, tips & tricks TOS training that channels all our market experience.
  • 'Learn more by doing' with gamified training in a near-to-live emulated setting.

Training programmes tailored to:

TOS Schooling
Onboarding Staff

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TOS Schooling

Depending on your needs, this bespoke training plan encompasses 3 different learning aspects for the chosen TOS: theory, best practice and hands-on exercises. Users are able to review their decisions in emulated environments or with our enhanced software tools.

Match User's Needs

The lessons cover vessel planning, yard planning, dispatching & advanced modules for deep understanding.

Interactive Lessons

We engage users with feedback loops and gamification modules to improve knowledge, motivate active participation and stimulate the learning process.

Real-life Scenarios

Emulation (or near-to-live simulation) facilitates the learning process and aids memory recall in real-life scenarios.

Learn By Doing

Our learning approach requires users to actively work on practical exercises to ground the lessons learned from the theory and demos.

Performance Objectives

Our TOS training services enhance the way your staff works, so they can proactively learn high-value tips and tricks for exploiting the functionality of your terminal operating system and add a competitive edge to your business.

Benefits of using our learning approach:

We deliver expertly-designed training plans that enable you to map and monitor each person’s progress. Not only do we optimise your terminal operating system and all associated processes, we also optimise user training to enhance personal productivity and operational skills

  • Expert tuition led by experienced TBA trainers.
  • Modules structured around the key cognitive capabilities of the brain: see, read, do and check.
  • TOS training that blends emulation with multi-media materials, hands-on exercises and tests.
  • Full-featured TOS training for multiple terminal operating systems.
  • Advanced training programmes tailored to your needs.
  • Cost-effective training providing tangible results.

"The experience was so powerful that we changed the schedule for everyone to attend TBA's training sessions"

Patrik Foureaux

Project Leader for Port of Gothenburg

“We recognized that we had a gap in training regarding understanding the relationships within the yard and quayside.”

COO at APM Terminals Apapa/Nigeria


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