Verbrugge International selects TBA’s bulk and container terminal operating systems for three terminals

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Jan 10, 2024 9:41:00 AM


Dutch logistics service provider Verbrugge International BV has selected to provide the terminal operating system (TOS) for three of its locations in The Netherlands. The project, which includes both Autostore TOS for containerised cargo and CommTrac for bulk cargo operations, is planned for 2024 and 2025.

Verbrugge chose TBA to simplify its port and inland terminal operations, which dry bulk, general cargo, RoRo, project cargo and container handling. TBA’s products streamline complex terminal operations and procedures, regulate the movement and storage of diverse cargo types within a terminal, and optimise the utilisation of asset, while offering real-time management. All of this results in better productivity and improved overall efficiency.

“We are facing the challenges of automating our terminals, which have different and complex systems running to manage all operations. We’re a logistics service provider and not a software company, although we always tried to deliver the best service to our clients, but time progresses. So instead of relying on building an in-house system we investigated the market for a best-in-class software solution and chose the software solution from Konecranes,” said Verbrugge International BV CFO Carlo Broeren.

“CommTrac and Autostore TOS will give Verbrugge International true multi-cargo handling capabilities for seamless management of diverse cargo types accessible from anywhere at any time. We’re pleased to have Verbrugge as our first CommTrac customer in mainland Europe following our recent successes in the US, Canada and Australia,” said David Trueman, Managing Director for TBA Doncaster.

The project also includes the integration with Verbrugge's finance systems and real-time data sources, such as weighbridges, which help accurately measure the flow of bulk cargo in and out of the terminal. This first-of-its-kind integration is expected to introduce operational efficiencies across Verbrugge's entire cargo portfolio and marks a further step in advancing port industry digitalisation.