Celebrating a milestone: TBA Group and Peel Ports Group extend 23-year relationship

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Jul 1, 2022 12:00:00 PM


TBA Group is pleased to announce that Peel Ports Group have signed a framework agreement that will see their Terminal Management Software, CommTrac V4, deployed across four key bulk terminals in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

The upgrade to CommTrac V4 will significantly reduce the demand of manual data input across Peel Ports’ operational activities whilst providing improved functionalities, such as standardised and enhanced reporting, comparative multi-terminal data, and improved planning capabilities. 

“CommTrac gives us quick and easy access to the information we depend on to make critical operational decisions. The software allows us to manage our day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively and gives us with the ability to plan and react to the evolving needs of our customers”

Lance Weissenborn, Operations and Trading Director at Peel Ports

The longevity and technological advancements of the relationship has facilitated a partnership focused on efficiency, process optimization and value-added solutions to meet the commercial objectives across Peel Ports' bulk terminal portfolio.

David Trueman, Managing Director at TBA Doncaster Limited, stated:

“Peel Ports was our first CommTrac customer in 1999 and continues to be a valued client. CommTrac has continued to prove itself as a strategic and robust solution to Peel’s operations with the latest deployment offering increasingly advanced functionalities to enhance the performance of Peel’s terminals.”

Lance Weissenborn further stated:

“TBA are integral to Peel Ports journey of growth and development. As a trusted partner they share our vision, our values, and importantly understand our business. I’m delighted we are able to continue our collaborative relationship through the release of CommTrac V4.”

Peel Ports, the second largest port group in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, handles over 70 million tonnes of cargo and 26,000 vessel movements with a diverse portfolio of commodities including agri-bulks, biomass, containers, metals, and steel.


About TBA Group: 

TBA Group is a leading international provider of software and services for ports, terminals and warehouses with over 150 live installations worldwide. The company’s product and service portfolio centres on marine, intermodal, container, bulk and general cargo terminals as well as providing software for warehouses.

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