CommTrac TOS

Integrated terminal management software solution for bulk and breakbulk cargo. With 35 global installations, the CommTrac bulk terminal operating system (TOS) optimises non-containerised cargo management. It connects your manual and automated assets, people and management information across single or multi-terminal sites in real-time.

Integrated approach to
Connect Stakeholders

Integrates terminal data across management, planning, supervision, operations, finance and your customers for improved decision-making.

Improve efficiency for
Reduced OPEX

Optimised planning and superior equipment deployment cuts demurrage charges and optimises your head count.

Avoid leakage to
Maximise Revenue

Captures all billable revenue opportunities and increases throughput and storage volumes for improved efficiency and profitability.

Why choose CommTrac TOS for your Bulk & General Cargo terminal?

CommTrac is the award-winning way to plan, track and manage all types of non-containerised bulk and breakbulk cargo. Highly scaleable, it manages your manual machinery and people and controls automated assets across your terminal, or terminal network, in real-time. It gives you the tools, precision and management information you need to simplify your cargo operations. CommTrac maximises revenue, profitability, compliance and growth potential while reducing your risk.


  • Proven in the harshest and most-demanding bulk handling cargo environments worldwide
  • A leading bulk terminal operating system with frictionless global installation, training and 24/7 support
  • Fast return on investment and robust system reliability

Software built for

Animal Feed
Breakbulk & general cargo
Coal & Iron Ore
Specialty Minerals & Crystals
Wood Pellets

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Animal Feed

Animal feed terminals handle sensitive cargos, which often require complex handling and storage rules to guarantee product surety and traceability. CommTrac provides storekeepers with a user-friendly operating system which satisfies these quality criteria whilst greatly improving operational efficiency and customer service.

Optimised Storage

Handles planning strategies to optimise space availability whilst maintaining stock separations

Traffic Management

Supports manned, semi-automatic and fully unmanned weighbridge systems to improve turn round times and reduces administrative workload and operator error

Multi-Tier Orders

Supports complex multi-tier customer orders to prevent over collection

Assured Compliance

Supports compliance with feed assurance standards

Accurate Billing

Automatically accrues revenues based on service and storage activities

Technical Specifications

The CommTrac software solution is not a standalone application but interfaced to the ERP, automation equipment, weighing bridges and barcode scanners. In a nutshell, these are the main tasks that CommTrac can simplify for your operation.

  • Manage reception, storage and delivery
  • Calculate revenues and generate invoices automatically
  • Provide real-time overview of inventory tonnage and position
  • Provide real-time overview of discharge and loading progress
  • Provide real-time overview of delays and variances
  • Provide accurate, error-free information with proven compliance to QA

"CommTrac was implemented without a minute of operational loss."

The Bristol Port Company

James Reeson - Trade manager


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