TBA Training Portal used at Lamar University increases study performance levels in terminal logistics

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Aug 1, 2020 12:00:00 PM


Blend theory and practice across functional requirements in ports and terminals

Lamar University located in Beaumont, Texas USA, has been using the online Training Portal from TBA Group since 2018 to complement their curriculum. The Training Portal is an advanced e-learning platform using bite-size modules (micro-learning) based on industry best practices to facilitate the user's learning process. The university offers a programme in Master of Science Degree in Port and Terminal Management which aims at working professionals seeking to enhance their career in port and marine terminal management.

According to Erik Stromberg, Executive Director of the Center of Port Management, the choice for TBA Group and the Training Portal was apparent:

“the list of clients was impressive and TBA was obviously connected to the industry and doing a good job. ... Over the past couple years, TBA has become a valuable component of our marine terminal operations course.”

The Center’s curriculum blends theory and practice across the broad array of functional requirements in ports and terminals. TBA’s Training Portal fits that bill seamlessly.

Maryam Hamidi, assistant professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Lamar, who uses the Training Portal in her tutoring, says:

“How the course is designed helps student learning by providing assessment after each module. The student learning is assessed before they move to the next content. Content is delivered clearly by dividing a course to different modules.”


She has noticed that the students really enjoy working with the Training Portal. The value of this online tool is evident from the feedback received from students:

“I, being retired from the Army, we see things differently from a person who worked in commercial ports had the advantage. However, with the TBA course made it easier for me to understand the concept.” .. “Overall, this portion of the course was very informative and made me realize how little I actually know about commercial operations”.

The significance of the Training Portal became even more unmistakable during the increased remote working of these last months. Erik says:

“Today and likely for a long time to come, digital learning platforms will be relevant in  industry education and training. Acknowledging the benefits of face-to-face education, remote learning safely opens up access to global industry expertise, as well as bright professionals anywhere in the world who are eager to advance their careers through advanced education. The real-world simulation models in the Training Portal facilitate knowledge transfer to the next gen of industry leaders compatible to the current and future paradigm.”