TBA win their 5th IBJ award in the IT Solutions category

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Nov 1, 2018 12:00:00 PM


TBA win their 5th IBJ award in the IT Solutions category

On 19th November 2018, TBA won their 5th IBJ award in the IT Solutions category with its CommTrac Multi-Site Enterprise suite. This award is presented to a supplier of IT solutions that demonstrates its ability to deliver increased efficiency and improve management decision-making in a dry bulk cargo operation.

CommTrac Multi Terminal is a browser-based solution which can be used by anyone with access to a web browser and security access permissions. Therefore, centralisation is easy to achieve. Many logistics organisations operate worldwide multiple bulk terminals and typically each terminal has its’ own management system, working independently from other business units in the organisation. The CommTrac suite allows these global organisations to completely change their model by centralising planning and finance functions, while at the same time allowing the terminal to operate in a dynamic, real-time environment. Centralisation then gives the senior management teams a real-time reporting overview at either a local level or from a global perspective allowing them to make key strategic decisions in a timely manner.

CommTrac Multi-Site Enterprise Suite is currently being used effectively by a number of early adopters including:

  • Large bulk and grain operators in the UK and,
  • US operator with 7 multipurpose terminals along the USA coastline.

The business case is overwhelming for this approach:

  • Significant savings in annual IT budget (around 75%)
  • Global implementation of best practice Standard Operating Procedures
  • Centralisation of planning and finance functions – Significant headcount savings
  • Shared metrics and KPIs driving the whole business forward through comparison
  • Customers have a real time overview of their global cargo movements and position.

This award gives TBA Doncaster its 6th success in the event since the conception of the IBJ Awards 10 years ago and reaffirms TBA’s technological leadership in the bulk logistics sector.

TBA’s previous IBJ awards are as follows:

  • 2010 IT Solutions Award | CommTrac V3
  • 2012 IT Solutions Award | CommTrac Traceability for Agri-bulks
  • 2014 IT Solutions Award | Joint submission with Peel Ports
  • 2015 Innovate Technology Award | Joint submission with Associated British Ports
  • 2016 IT Solutions Award | CommTrac Plug and Play containerised solution
  • 2018 IT Solutions Award | CommTrac Multi-Site Enterprise Suite

The IT Solutions Award being handed to Glynn Thomas (Sales Consultant) and David Trueman (Managing Director)