TBA Group gains ISO 27001 accreditation and wins ‘Industry Pioneer’ award along the way

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Jul 1, 2023 12:00:00 PM


Information security has long been a top priority for TBA Group. Since our earliest beginnings, we have recognised that the security and resilience of our servers, infrastructure and sensitive customer data was paramount. Every day, some of the world’s largest ports, terminals and warehouses entrust TBA Group with their business data, and we take this trust seriously.

Given this prioritisation of information security, we have recently been working towards achieving the ISO 27001 certification, the world’s most widely adopted international information security standard, and we’re delighted to announce that TBA Group is now compliant.


Very much the ‘gold standard’ for information security, ISO 27001 is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in partnership with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Central to the standard is the creation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS); unique to each organisation, the ISMS documents the business’s approach to information security, how security is ensured, and identifies any risks – and how these risks are mitigated.

There are three main areas that are considered within the standard:

  • Confidentiality: controlling access to our data.
  • Integrity: Ensuring data is stored, updated and maintained correctly.
  • Availability: Providing reliable secure access to authorised parties. 

Achieving ISO 27001 is not a one-off event; it is very much just the beginning of an enhanced way of managing our IT systems to ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality for our data. Our IT department will be continually working with the ISMS to ensure it is always up-to-date and comprehensively reflects our IT security situation. Regular meetings are held so that new threats, risks and opportunities can be identified, documented and acted on. 


Responsibility doesn’t lie solely within IT. All areas of the business are involved to ensure that best practice is constantly followed in every aspect of our day-to-day activities. 

Not only are we proud that our hard work in this area has resulted in this certification, it was also great to be formally recognised for the efficiency of our certification by the Software Improvement Group (SIG) in their fifth annual awards in Amsterdam on 3rd July. 

SIG is a respected organisation specialising in the analysis of the health of software. Their awards ‘recognise organisations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership, vision, and results in gaining control over the build quality, maintainability, and security of their application landscapes’.

TBA Group were awarded the ‘Industry Pioneer Award’:

"This award recognises the client with the most integrated software quality application, serving as an example for its industry. Their proactive security management approach and focus on software quality led to an efficient ISO 27001 certification."

View our certification details including certificate number, expiry information and scope.