TBA reveals new Container Handling System & new UI for Autostore TOS

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May 29, 2024 1:23:00 PM

During our User Group Conference last week, TBA revealed its state-of-the-art Container Handling System (CHS) for the first time.

The new software represents a huge step forward for terminal operating systems and will power the next generation of automated and semi-automated terminals. 

“It’s fantastic to finally be able to demonstrate some of the powerful functionality that CHS offers,” said Wim Verdonck, Head of TOS for TBA Leicester. “The system’s speed, simplicity and operational performance is unmatched in the industry, so we’re very excited to be bringing this product to market in the coming months.”

Wim Verdonck
TBA's Head of TOS, Wim Verdonck, introduces CHS.

The team also demonstrated enhancements to the user interface for its existing Autostore TOS application. The new UI will initially be applied to a new Operations Dashboard module, which will give terminal operators previously unseen visibility on their daily operations, helping them make optimal decisions and further increase efficiency.

In this video, TBA’s Chief Product Owner, Richard Arthur, and Head of Architecture & DevOps, Steve Beesley, give an overview of the development of the new Autostore TOS user interface, demonstrating it via the prototype Dashboard Module.