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Ruihua (Zack) Lu

Senior Project Manager | Delft | The Netherlands

August 2020

Meet Zack

Ruihua Lu (better known as Zack to his colleagues) is a 35-year-old project manager Simulation and joined TBA in 2013. He came from Shanghai (China) to the Netherlands to finish his Master’s in Transportation & Logistics and his PhD in Travel Behaviour, both at the Delft University of Technology. Interested in analytics and solving complex transportation puzzles, it was during the final stage of his PhD graduation he crossed paths with TBA through a former employee of TBA.

“I was attracted to TBA because of the practical, pragmatic, down to earth way of thinking and working. It’s the combination of [company] culture and job profile, freedom and flat [organisational] structure, and also my fantastic fellow colleagues, what I like about TBA.”

In his 7 years working for TBA, Zack has been involved in many terminal simulation/ conceptual design (planning) projects across the globe (i.e. Europe, Middle East, Far East and America’s).

Zack Lu - Project Manager Simulation

When asked which project or moment was the most memorable up till so far at TBA for him, he answered: “The Chinese automation projects, where I’ve worked closely with Remmelt (Thijs) and Yvo (Saanen).” To him, these projects were memorable because he was heavily involved throughout the entire process and the full scope in addressing the client needs. He got the opportunity to do a variety of tasks which are not only focused conceptual port design and simulation, but also project managing, customer interactions and even follow-up sales of all other types of TBA’s services and products.


“[…] and what I currently like about being a project manager is that, not only I do a lot of work on the content – solving customer problems – and I love finding solutions (to the customer problems), but also being much more all-round.” He likes the combination of working on the content, managing of the project, timeline and teams, dealing with stakeholders and is passionate about delivering good results to the customers.


When asked what goals he still wants to achieve at TBA, he answered: “I do not make long-term plans and goals, but always do what I can do best for those on hand and always try best to be prepared in short-term and see how it goes. Changes always go beyond plans. For now, I want to be all-round knowledge in the field, all kinds of skills, more fluently in talking with customers, etc. […] to be as well-rounded as the many good examples around me like Yvo (interacting skills, knowledge and quality on content).” “I love working here because I have several living examples (resp. colleagues) who I can work with and learn from.” His take on life is a “go with the flow” and to gain the maximum out of life in work and as well in his social life. He will see what opportunities his path will bring him.


The team of the Dutch office consists of over 90 ambitious and dedicated men and women with over 14 different cultural backgrounds, who are working towards delivering solid solutions to our port and warehouse clients.

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