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Yvo Saanen

Commercial Director, Delft, The Netherlands

September 2020

60 Second Interviews

How long have you worked at TBA Group?

24 years


What is your current job title?

Commercial Director


Did you start in this role?

No. Over the years, I've had many roles and responsibilities. I've been CTO, COO, Managing Director.


Why did you come to work at TBA Group?

As founder, I should answer: why did we start with TBA? We felt we could contribute to the world of logistics in a different way, combining various perspectives both technical and non-technical, both quantitative and qualitative. Fresh from university, we brought energy, new ideas with us. Till the day of today, I'm thrilled by the industry we are in, and thrilled to be able to make a difference, in terms of safety, efficiency, sustainability, but moreover to improve decision-making in multi-million dollar decisions.

Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director

What was your best day at work?

My best day at work is when I am able to help colleagues, and see how they enjoy their work, and accomplish something. This may not be every day, but it is quite frequently.


What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

In the journey from 2 people to close to 300 there are many moments where you think: this was the right decision. I guess a point where I felt a journey had been completed was when the 3 fully automated terminals went in operation. All after an entire design and implementation trajectory supported by TBA. A vision we put on paper in the late 90's, which came try around 2015.....


What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud when I see in our regular surveys how happy our people are working at TBA. Delivering value to our customers, exploring new opportunities in the world of digitization and automation.

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