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Tim Losurdo

Software Engineer and Product Owner, Düsseldorf

June 2020

60 Second Interviews

How long have you been working at TBA?  

9 years 


Describe your role in one sentence: 

Responsible for problems and features in my team. 


What do you do on an average working day? 

Aligning features with other product owners and helping my team to understand and implement them. 


How did you get into your career?  

I searched online for a new job and saw TBA in one of the listings and it sounded complicated and interesting at the same time. I never stop learning new things and have high expectations for myself.  

Tim Losurdo - Software Engineer and Product Owner

Have you been promoted since joining TBA? 

  1. Junior Developer 

  1. Medior Developer 

  1. Senior Developer 

  1. Senior Developer + Scrum master 

  1. Lead/ Expert Developer 

  1. Lead/ Expert Developer + Product Owner 


Since joining TBA, what’s been your proudest professional achievement? 

Being able to achieve desired quality in software and processes. 


What do you enjoy most about your role at TBA? 

That TBA gives us a lot of freedom in how we manage our jobs. 


How does the work you do at TBA differ to previous roles you’ve had?  

Very friendly colleagues with shared interest and a better environment to express ideas and improvements. 


Finally, what’s the best thing you like about working at TBA?  

That our software has a huge impact on a terminal. We are moving huge machines with our code and it is very impressive to see them moving. 

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