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Sue Grocott

Senior Project Manager, Doncaster

July 2020

60 Second Interviews

How long have you been working at TBA?

3 months


Describe your role in one sentence

Manage a set of projects to deliver or customise CommTrac for our customers.


What do you do on an average working day?

Work with customers to plan changes and our development team to deliver those changes.  Each change could be one small improvement or a larger strategic step.  It could be for a new customer or for a long-standing customer.


How did you get into your career? 

I’ve got a background in software development and had a variety of roles before I found my way into Project Management –which just stuck. I like helping customers achieve their business goals through automation


Since joining TBA, what’s been your proudest professional achievement?

Quite a few of my colleagues have thanked me for joining TBA. That’s really cool. We’re in a period of growth and I’m happy to be able to add value.

Sue Grocott- Senior Project Manager

What do you enjoy most about your role at TBA?

There’s lots of variety and plenty to do.


How does the work you do at TBA differ to previous roles you’ve had?

There’s a strong sense of team here and a lot of mutual respect.  We are empowered to get things done and consulted on how we can improve as a whole. That’s nice. And not as common as you’d think.


Finally, what’s the best thing you like about working at TBA? 

I’m surrounded by good people who are committed to delivering results - It’s great to work with a highly motivated team with a “can-do” attitude to building what our customers need. 

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