Autostore TOS

With over 30 installations globally, our Autostore terminal operating system (TOS) optimises containerised cargo management. It controls all container moves, manual and automated assets, people and management information across single or multi-terminal sites in real-time.

Supporting you to
Improve Service

Reduces turnaround times for faster throughput while delivering fingertip control of customer and management information in real-time.

We help you to
Maximise Revenue

Error-free capture and completion of all billable revenue opportunities drives enhanced profitability.

Optimise and
Lower OPEX

Delivers optimised planning, operations management and superior deployment for all equipment and resources that cuts the cost of doing business.

Why choose Autostore TOS as your terminal operating system?

With built-in equipment control functionality, Autostore is fast, smart and powerful plus able to integrate seamlessly with all third-party business ERP systems. Cloud-based or locally installed, Autostore is the container terminal management system built around the services you need today – and those you want tomorrow.

Highly scaleable and with a modular, open architecture, Autostore TOS gives you dynamic, real-time inventory management across all aspects of terminal operation.


  • Fully customisable or off-the-shelf for all types of coastal, inland or riverine terminals.
  • Extensive suite of mobile field apps for use on ruggedised personal devices.
  • Seamless integration with our CommTrac bulk and breakbulk TOS solution for multi-purpose terminals

Autostore TOS is built for:

Port Operations
Inland Operations
Yard Operations
Advanced Equipment Positioning

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Port Operations

Port operations are considered the bottleneck in most container terminals around the world. Autostore TOS is the cutting-edge container management system that efficiently manages every component of your terminal. It combines the best practices of hands-on operational management with secure, scalable and reliable technologies that help boost your bottom line.

Future-proofing Performance

Improves profitability, cuts cost, increases productivity, eradicates errors and optimises resources to future-proof your cargo handling business for high performance.

Vehicle Booking System

Reduce the peaks in truck/gate operations by streamlining turnaround times and vehicle arrival times.

Equipment Utilisation

Reduce equipment idle and non-value-added time, by effectively planning and executing equipment moves and work.

Dynamic Vessel Planning

Radically reduce vessel planning time with simple to use drag and drop functionality and auto planning.

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The Proven TOS Platform

The Autostore container terminal management system uses a modular, open software architecture that gives you choice and flexibility. It connects directly to your business management platform, finance, HR and all your equipment, both automated and manual.

  • Integrates all operational processes with business management reporting and finance.
  • Provides a real-time overview of your cargo position plus all delays, bottlenecks, changes and variances.
  • Dashboard delivers error-free, real-time information and business critical KPIs.
  • Advanced simulation, tuning and training tools for container terminal optimisation and disruption-free installation.
  • Real-time equipment control software tools for all types of crane and AGV that ensures stable operation.
  • Highly intuitive user experience supported by mobile apps for iOS and Android.

“Our productivity per man hour increased by 89% after installing Autostore.”



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