TEAMS Equipment Control System

Advanced equipment control & scheduling system (ECS) for automated and efficient operation of all your automated container terminal equipment. TEAMS ECS schedules and operates any type of automated container terminal equipment and runs your terminal operation efficient, safe, reliable and optimized for your standardized operational procedures and equipment set up.

Letting you achieve
Increased Performance

Release the potential of terminal automation with improved throughput & faster turnaround times that help you operate automation assets to enhance profitability.

Benefit from
Enhanced Safety

Ensures your equipment movements are deadlock and collision-free, routed efficiently and safeguards restricted zones and people entering automated areas.

Developed for
Seamless Integration

ECS seamlessly integrates between any Terminal Operating System and your equipment, offering optimised scheduling and efficient and stable execution of all cargo moves.

Why choose TEAMS as the equipment control software solution for your terminal?

Complex automated terminals place high demands on automated operations. We believe TEAMS to be the only available automated equipment control system (ECS) able to operate reliably and efficiently for every type of available automated equipment and in every combination of TOS and equipment. The system delivers significant benefits across operations, costs, safety, automation integration and efficiency under all operational terminal conditions.


  • Scalable with a modular open architecture based on your equipment.
  • Optimises CAPEX, reduces OPEX, enhances safety & operational stability, improving your use of infrastructure.
  • Experienced implementation partner, with over 20 years' experience, to support your project.

Software built for:

Equipment Control
Automated Scheduling
Automated Horizontal Transport
Automated Cranes

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Equipment Control

Automation of terminal operations holds many promises: cheaper and safer operations, less emissions, and better infrastructure utilization. More importantly, automation should guarantee a high performance and a reliable operation. However, the high complexity of a live terminal poses equally high demands on the control of automated equipment.

Improved Reliability

Guaranteed availability and performance.

Low Operational Costs

Automation gives fast return on investment whilst optimising your resourcing needs

Proven High Productivity

Supports any type of automated equipment with a proven high performance, based on advanced simulation

Operational Workflows

Standard support for all normal operational workflows and flexible customization to suit your terminal’s special workflows

Advanced Equipment Control System

Proven in demanding cargo management environments for nearly 20 years, TEAMS ECS is an established, leading terminal execution system for automation. It connects directly into your terminal operating system via an integration layer to deliver unparalleled and fingertip control of all your automation assets.

  • TEAMS – Terminal Equipment Automated Management System - uses a modular, open software architecture that’s highly flexible.
  • It’s fast with lightweight and efficient coding that’s easy to upgrade.
  • Features real-time equipment control software tools for all types of automated crane and AGV that ensures stable operation.
  • Dashboard delivers error-free, real-time information and automation performance KPIs.
  • Advanced simulation, emulation, tuning and training tools enable frictionless implementation.
  • Designed using simulation prototyping that ensures it’s your business needs that drive functionality.
  • Peerless user experience that’s highly intuitive and simple to use.

"We picked a proven software with a track record that was going to get us where needed to go."

Joshua Johnson

Manager Operations Development, LBCT USA


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