TOS Implementation & Support

A proven approach to reduce the risk of implementing a new TOS, through rich, automated testing, tuning systems, and training the users in a near-to-live environment.

Thorough testing for
Successful Go-Live

Test your TOS in a near-to-live situation using emulation to ensure it performs under peak-loading.

Realise your projected
TOS Performance

Ensure that your TOS parameters are tuned for high performance.

Prepare your staff with
Profound Training

Assure that your staff is well prepared for the Go-Live through emulation-based training.

Why choose TBA Group for TOS testing and implementation?

The implementation of a mission-critical system like a Terminal Operating System (TOS) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) is not something terminals do every year. To minimize the risk of failure, ensure that the system is up and running on-time, it is essential to have an experienced team, who knows how to handle integration, load testing, performance testing, data migration, fine-tuning system parameters, and can train the users in such a way that they know how to operate after go-live. At TBA we have a large team of skilled and experienced people who have implemented many complex systems successfully, among which 8 different Container TOS. They have the experience and toolset to ensure success and manage the process. Moreover, they come with experience in change management, ensuring alignment between operational processes and the new system(s).

Supporting your implementation process:

  • Preparation: definition of test cases and scenarios for automated testing.
  • Testing: advanced tools (emulation) to provide rich and automated testing of system performance.
  • Training: innovative gamification techniques in training enabling your staff to ‘learn by doing’ in a way that accelerates user acceptance.

Proven implementation services for:

Operational Performance
Risk Mitigation
Successful Go-Live

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Operational Performance

We integrate all aspects of terminal operations holistically across people, processes, physical space, equipment and terminal operating system software. From layout and traffic flows to capacity, cargo flow and all systems, we ensure all operational aspects are aligned.


Tune your terminal operating system for all eventualities under all circumstances well in advance of live deployment.


Stress test your terminal operating system for the projected performance in advance of the go-live.


Train your staff on the terminal operating system using emulated automation and cargo handling systems in a realistic 3D digital copy of the terminal environment and operations.

A solid implementation approach to ensure a successful Go-Live

Connect with one of our consultants for a solid implementation plan.

"TBA’s assistance has led to a high-performance setup that is without comparison in the industry."

Rich Ceci

IT Director for APM Terminals North America

“It was amazing how simulator tool and trainers expertise could give a macro operational view of vessel, yard and equipment interaction to trainees.”

Diego Proença

Planning Manager at Meridian Port Services

"A key element for the training was for staff in planning and execution to understand how the decisions that they made effected the balance in the terminal”

COO at APM Terminals Apapa/Nigeria


Simplify your operations

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