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Expert consultancy services for container, bulk, breakbulk and general cargo facilities. We’ve successfully completed over 2,500 terminal design projects worldwide. Projects ranging from the largest and most automated terminals to innovative, high-density systems to cost-efficient multi-modal hinterland terminals.

Future-proof your
Terminal Capacity

A systematic design approach ensuring that your terminal will be able to meet future capacity demands for quay, yard, gate and rail.

Investigate terminal
System Alternatives

Assess what terminal handling system meets your long-term objectives considering proven as well as novel technologies.

Meet your terminal
Performance Objectives

High-definition simulation models enable precise terminal design and equipment fleet sizing maximising cost-effectiveness.

Why choose TBA Group to create your conceptual design?

In our design practice, we combine extensive automation and operational knowledge with the latest simulation tools to arrive at the best combination of performance, cost and capacity. Terminal development projects are strategically important. You face many decisions from initial ideas to a solid conceptual design. With ever-emerging technologies, there are many ways to realise a terminal. Navigate through the various options and assess them with proven, dynamic simulation models, accurate 3D models, detailed concept drawings and validated financial models. The result is a robust conceptual design which meets your short- and long-term objectives aligning with the expected growth trajectory of the terminal.

Advantages of using our design services:

  • Proven expertise with over 2,500 terminal design projects successfully completed worldwide.
  • Holistic, performance focussed and supplier-agnostic design.
  • Hands-on experience with greenfield and retrofit projects in every part of the world.

Conceptual design for:

Container Terminals
Bulk/ General Cargo Terminals

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Container Terminals

To facilitate the terminal planning process, and all related decision-making, we have developed an advanced simulation model library for container terminals. It contains a valid representation of all handling systems (from reach stacker operations to fully automated handling systems) currently available on the market. Covering (small to ultra-large) seaports, intermodal and inland terminals and empty depots.

Capacity Planning

Our models and tools allow us to validate for the design alternatives whether the capacity of the terminal components (i.e. quay, yard, gate etc.) is well-balanced and meeting the objectives.

Cost Analysis

Support the design decision-making process with transparent cost analyses for each design alternative with regards to OPEX and CAPEX. As such, it is possible to choose the most appropriate option suiting the terminal’s objectives based on quantified alternatives.

Meeting Objectives

Quantify the terminal's objectives such as service levels to shipping lines and trucking companies, annual throughput volumes and market position, and translate these into what that means for the design of the terminal. This holistic approach applies both to greenfield and brownfield designs.

Realising Performance

With our high-definition simulation models, we are able to assess in the design stage what realistic performance levels are for a terminal. In addition, we identify what is required to reach a certain performance for an existing terminal.

Grasp the true potential of your terminal

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"TBA’s simulation allowed us to evaluate our long term E-RTG strategy, ensuring our capacity targets can be achieved"

Griff Lynch

COO for Georgia Ports Authority, USA

"TBA provided us with a well-balanced terminal plan, despite our challenging site constraints"

David Huck

Port Director for Peel Ports Liverpool, UK

"TBA's tools have proven to be very powerful for us in Analysing Terminal Capacity and Planning Capital Expenditure"

Cargill, Brazil


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