Turning the tides

[REGISTRATION CLOSED] 4 ways to improve your bulk & general cargo terminal

45 mins

Webinar, 18 March

9:30-10:15 GMT | 16:30-17:15 GMT

March 2021

Turning the tides

Join us as we explore the 4 key areas where revenue loss typically occurs within bulk & general cargo terminals.


We will discuss the opportunities for efficiency improvements, how to measure & bill activities accurately and how you can gain an advantage on your competitors.


Key Topics Discussed:


- Vessel Operations: How to increase vessel turnaround times & reduce costs (eg. in demurrage & equipment)

- Storage Activities: Improve efficiency of store management, giving you increased capacity without increasing footprint, and the route to reducing unnecessary claims & loss etc.

- Gate Operations: Improving throughput, reducing congestion, automating process

- Finance & Administration: Reduce revenue leaks, admin errors & data loss



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