webinar | Best Practices, Learning and Performance

How (not) to ruin your training

45 mins

Santos Brasil & TBA Group

Evelyn Lima (Santos Brasil), Chiara Cotogni, Gabriela Soto Pascual

May 2020

5 ground rules for executing successful training programmes

Over 20 years, TBA Group has supported more than over 250 customers in the port and terminal industry with having executed over 200 training projects with multiple terminals, levels of knowledge and cultures worldwide. This webinar addresses the aspects that can ruin your training plans and how you can overcome these by following our recipe for delivering successful training programmes, learnt from best practices and your peer groups.


Santos Brasil has been involved in a training plan supported by TBA and Evelyn Lima, Operation Planning Coordinator at Santos Brasil, discloses her key takeaways as a particpant.

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