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[Ended] 4 steps to map your course to automation

45 mins

Webinar, 26 Nov.

9:00-9:45 CET | 18:00-18:45 CET

November 2020

The path to automation

A concern amongst many manual terminals is how they can continue to be commercially and operationally competitive with an increasing quantity of fully automated greenfield, and semi to fully automated brownfield, developments emerging into the market.


This live event addresses this concern, amongst others, and offers a framework to the route to automation by detailing:


  • How, within 2 months, you can have a roadmap to automating your existing operation
  • The technological advances that can be utilised to increase competitiveness
  • The gains associated with moving to automated processes such as: Reduced OPEX; improved safety; increased capacity management; and narrowing the advantage of competitors


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