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To Go Above and Beyond: A Steadfast Team

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TBA Group, Delft, The Netherlands

November 2020

A year ago, an extraordinary team of colleagues at the Dutch branch of TBA Group took up the challenge and signed up for the World Championship Triathlon 2020. Little did they know that the world would be hit by a pandemic a couple of months later and its impact on the daily life. Diligently they trained throughout winter 2019 and spring of 2020 in order to beat a set time by a rival team. What started out as a team of 4, became finalised as a team of 3, after it became clear that one of the cyclists was more in shape than the other during a training session in summer.


With local, governmental and global measures being restricted and lifted alternately to control the outbreak, much was unclear about the continuation of the September's World Championship Triathlon. This also put the mental focus of the team to its test, besides the physical aspects of how to stay in shape and to exercise, with swimming areas and indoor activities closed, (extreme) physical outdoor activities were discouraged and social distancing was applied. When the World Championship event was officially postponed to September 2021, this extended the training period for participants.


Over the course of this year, we have followed the blood, sweat and tears of the team members and our colleagues while they were preparing themselves mentally and physically to win the World Championship Triathlon. Although, we had hoped to see them achieve outstanding results for this year, we will keep supporting them in the continuation of their journey towards the Championships in 2021!


To be Continued…


The Team


TBA Group Triathlon team 2020

In November 2019, a brave team of colleagues at the Dutch branch office of TBA Group took up the challenge from a rival team from another company and signed up for the World Championship Triathlon 2020. Our rival team has won the European championship long-distance triathlon for relay teams in 2019. The total time to beat on 12 September 2020 is an impressive 9 hours and 1 second.


The times to beat, achieved in 2019, are:


Course track Distance to complete Time to beat
Swim 3.8 km 01:02:59
Bike 180 km 04:58:07
Run 42.2 km 02:55:54

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