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A guide on automation conversion

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Take the best path to automation

Jeroen Kats, Project Director

November 2020

Identifying the most suitable options

The paper discloses a proven concept on how to identify the most suitable option(s) for (brownfield) container terminal automation and to understand the impacts in terms of finances and implementation phasing. TBA Group has developed a systematic method to identify the best-suited path towards automation and to assess the financial and operational impact of automation. The ‘Automation Quick Scan’ approach, developed by TBA Group, has successfully been applied in many automation projects.


Adopting this approach results in a clear path to the future in terms of automation technology and lays a well-founded basis for future automation development and planning. It should be the first step in every project, allowing terminals to explore a range of options in a short amount of time and then to quickly narrow down the options, providing valuable insight and guidance early in an automation project.


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