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Stephen Barker

Electrical Control System Design Engineer, Doncaster

July 2020

60 Second Interviews

How long have you been working at TBA?

18 Months (First 8 months on contract)


Describe your role in one sentence:

Production of electrical drawings, schedules and technical documents for mechanical handling projects.


What do you do on an average working day?

Produce CAD drawings and Excel and Word documents.


How did you get into your career?

Studied electrical engineering. First job was with local Electricity Board then went on to work on projects for British Coal.


Have you been promoted since joining TBA?

Not yet!


Since joining TBA, what’s been your proudest professional achievement?

Producing process diagrams and FDS documents for a major tunnelling project.

What do you enjoy most about your role at TBA?

The team spirit and working with enthusiastic people


How does the work you do at TBA differ to previous roles you’ve had?

Working on jobs where I don’t always go to the site and not always involved over the full life cycle of a project.


Finally, what’s the best thing you like about working at TBA?

I enjoy the type of work and the environment that I work in as well as the closeness and friendship of the people who I work with.

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