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Abdo Abouelrous

Junior Consultant, Delft

July 2020

60 Second Interviews


How long have you been working at TBA?

4 Months


Describe your role in one sentence

I am a Sales Trainee working in the simulation department for the time being.


What do you do on an average working day?

My working day is quite varied. Some days, I work on several simulations, each of which require different customer specifications. Other days, I follow training courses that prepare me for my future sales role. I would say that the advantage in TBA is that you do not have an average working day.


How did you get into your career?

I initially joined as an intern when I was a Master’s student to write my thesis.


Have you been promoted since you joined TBA?

If you consider becoming a full-time trainee after being an intern a promotion, then yes.



Abdo Abouelrous - Junior Consultant

Since joining TBA, what’s been your proudest professional achievement?

It is still early to tell, but I would refer to my ability to link with other managers.


What do you enjoy most about your role at TBA?

The understanding of real-life terminal operations which are generally very complex.


How does the work you do at TBA differ to previous roles you’ve had?

I have worked in research earlier, and I would say that the practicalities of working in industry have different demands.


Finally, what’s the best thing you like about working at TBA?

The opportunity to grow, and that is something I see among my colleagues as well.

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